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May 16, 2005: George Mitchell: Local icon embodies American Dream

August 4, 2013: Mitchell provided the world an example in The Woodlands

July 13, 2016: George’s Coffee Club: Founding members of The Woodlands keep George Mitchell’s visionary legacy alive

July 26, 2017: George’s Coffee Club keeping George Mitchell’s legacy alive

September 6, 2017: The Woodlands founder George Mitchell regarded as brilliant man with a brilliant mind

September 17, 2017: For lessons on how to rebuild, look to Mitchell and The Woodlands

October 25, 2017: Light of Mitchell’s legacy burns through George’s Coffee Club

October 26, 2017: How this Fortune 500 energy company put The Woodlands on the map

November 13, 2017: Don Gebert, Bob Williams and David Gottlieb Recognized as Honorary Members of George’s Coffee Club in The Woodlands   

March 9, 2018: The Woodlands named 7th best city to live in USA

June 6, 2018: Revenue bonds sold to fund 249 toll road; investors show high demand for bonds


Roger Galatas helps link the past, present and future of The Woodlands

Robert Heineman: Longtime planner credited with the urban design of The Woodlands

Coulson Tough: Worked closely with George Mitchell and Cynthia Mitchell on a host of market leading development projects